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Our History

TX2 Material Solutions Inc. was created in November of 2015 out of necessity to repurpose used equipment throughout any industrial sector of British Columbia.

For the founders Tony and Tanya, it initially started off as a part time business venture supporting industry by repurposing different types of equipment rescued from demolition projects around the province of British Columbia, Canada.


Tony and Tanya found a void in the supply chain of used equipment and thus the business began, it quickly turned into a full-time venture. With Tanya’s 25 years of business acumen and Tony’s 20 years of Recycling and Demolition experience they ventured into a full-time brick and mortar business and never looked back.

In 2019 TX2 Material Solutions Inc expanded into the recycling industry flying under the banner of TX2 Recycling encompassing Recycling of metal products, repurposing used equipment, and providing demolitions services throughout industry. They continue to grow and expand their footprint across Western Canada


Creating a greater advantage for our customer and the environment.

TX2 Material Solutions Inc. uses innovation to collect, process and distribute recyclable materials around the world. TX2 develops a greater advantage for our customer ensuring the recycling stream never stops.

Our Mission


Creating a greater today for our employees tomorrow.

TX2 Material Solutions Inc.  inspires to become the largest employee-owned recycling company in Canada. Creating an atmosphere of sincerity, creativity, and ownership that employees can hand down for generations.



People are our greatest value, so we invest in what we value.

We offer safety and prosperity to everyone around us. Allowing our employees to prosper in safety and wealth, in turn allowing our customers and the communities to be touched by the same values. The chain of recycling does not stop with product, it continues with people and that allows for Health, Wealth, and Prosperity.



Specializing in 5 major areas critical to any industry, 2 In Recycling Metal Products, Demolition Services, Bin Services and Used Equipment Sales.


Having someone who can support these Five areas will greatly increase the value for our customers’ needs throughout any industry.

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